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  • Using Python To Harness Windows - slav0nic's blog

    Python is best at the business logic, other tools are best at other things (e.g. VB GUIs) Doubletalk – Sample Application. Python Financial Modelling Toolkit.
  • On your own - Virginia Commonwealth University

    A PBL + MM for students in 11th and 12th grade Finance classes (Business 6120) Objectives: The student will: Bus 6120.002: develop comparison-shopping skills.
  • The Business Value of Migrating from UNIX to Microsoft ...

    Comparing Windows Server and Linux for the ... the service life and value of your existing business systems. Windows Server System provides a clear road map for ...

    MW4D Roadmap Document. Draft 27 august 2009 . Consult the Discussion page related to this document . Abstract. This document is the heart of the MW4D IG work ...

    3- Sep 2 Moral Analysis and Legal Requirements Hosmer, Ch 3 ... Propose a Convincing Moral Solution. BUAD 4334, Business Ethics, Fall 2008, Tucson Campus.
  • Open Source Content Management Systems Redux

    Can an Open Source business model support innovation? In the software business you need to keep innovating to survive.